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The purpose of this page is to enable you to change drug policy. One big way to do that is to contact your local or federal officials. By far the fastest and easiest free system is Project Vote Smart. Project Vote Smart lets  you l0ok up any offical that represents you and how to contact them. If you know their name, you can just search for their name directly. If you don’t know their name, you can still look them up.

Here’s how to look up an official:

1. Enter your 9-digit zipcode in the box on the left of the page. If you don’t know your 9-digit zipcode, you can look it up through the USPS website.

2. Find the appropriate official. Make sure not to confuse a statewide official for a congressional official (ie, a U.S. senator for a state senator).

3. Clicking on his/her name should bring you to a page with background information, a biography, past speeches, and past votes.

4. Contact information can be found in the link ‘Complete Contact Information’ on the right-hand side of the official’s page.

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