Who We Are

This website is run by advocates of drug policy reform and intended for advocates of drug policy reform. The people who contribute to this site share a variety of views. Some support recreational drug use; others do not. Some consider themselves Democrats, some Republicans, and some are not affiliated with any particular party. Just about the only thing we all have in common is that we recognize that the current drug policies in this country have failed.

Who We Are Not

Stoners, hippies, deadbeats, good-for-nothings – any of the stereotypes that you might associate with someone who supports drug law reform of any sort – especially marijuana policy reform. If you saw one of us walking down the street, you probably would not even be able to tell our stance on the issue. And that’s the point. The people who support reform are as diverse as possible, business executives, teachers, laywers, grandparents, doctors, parents, students, politicians, and, yes, some hippies as well. In short, support for reform is ubiquitous.

Who You Are

Hopefully an advocate of reform as well. And if not, we encourage you to sit down with an open mind and take a look at some of the research that we have put together for you. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation and propaganda  has tainted discussion of drug policies since the 1930s. Over the last twenty years or so, tens of thousands of studies have shown that many of the arguments in favor of the existing drug laws were based on incorrect information. One such study is the Shafer Commission, conducted under President Nixon. Take a look at the evidence for yourself.

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