Illinois Votes Tomorrow on Medicinal Marijuana

March 3, 2009 at 2:08 pm Leave a comment

Tomorrow is a big day for Illinois. House Bill 2514 is to be presented to the Human Services Committee in the House.

And, in the afternoon, the Senate Public Health Committee will hold testimonies regarding Senate Bill 1381.

Both bills seek to establish legal medicinal marijuana within Illinois. While it might be a little late to send a written letter, it’s certainly not too late to call. Contact the appropriate senator/representative for your district. Here is a sample script for a phone call (remember to identify the correct bill – 1381 or 2514 – for the person you are calling):

Dear ________ (name of state senator/representative),

I am calling to voice my support for Senate Bill 1381/House Bill 2514, and I hope that Senator/Representative______________ respects patients’ rights to well-being by supporting this measure. Cannabis has many documented medicinal properties, and people should have the option of this form of treatment for their ailments if they need it. I would like to see Illinois to become the 14th state to recognize that medicinal marijuana patients have the right to beneficial, prescribed medication, and I hope that Senator/Representative _________ supports this bill as well.

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