Maryland to Ban Salvia?

February 28, 2009 at 7:19 pm Leave a comment

The Maryland State Senate is considering Senate Bill 9, which would categorize Salvia Divinorum as a Schedule I substance. (Salvia is currently legal in Maryland).

In North Carolina, a similar law is being proposed. State Senator Bill Purcell, says, ‘I think the fact that it’s not illegal says that it must be ok.’

In Arizona, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee rejected a bill to ban salvia.

These bills do not directly affect marijuana, but the implication is clear, when one looks at the arguments used to attack the herb. The logic used is strikingly similar to the logic for keeping marijuana illegal – usually something along the lines of  ‘if it’s illegal, people won’t use it as much’:

Except that logic failed. It failed with alcohol, and it failed with marijuana. We don’t need to test this out to see that it will fail with salvia (if the bill is passed). Contact your senator and tell him/her that you strongly oppose the measure and except him/her to vote against it.

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