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State Medicinal Marijuana Laws to be Upheld

Is this too good to be true?

If this video is to believed, then no. It’s true. Eric Holder, US Attorney General, is on record saying that the DEA raids on law-abiding medicinal marijuana providers are a ghost of the past.

I like to think of myself as a ‘cautious optimist’ in these situations, so I’ll hold the champagne for the time being, but this represents a huge victory for drug policy reform.

Why am I being cautious? Partly because there’s some transition time necessary. Even though this theoretically was US policy at noon on January 20th, because the administration is in transition, it sometimes takes time for policy shifts to be reflected in action. (For an example, take the raids in California not a week after Obama’s inauguration).  That, and the DEA still does not even have a new permanent drug czar, so I am afraid of being a bit too presumptuous.

That said, I think that we can all congratulate ourselves for helping effect this policy shift. And, if you feel so moved (which I hope you do), please take the time to thank Holder for these statements (as NORML asks you do). Just as it is important to call/urge/persuade before the fact, it is also important to let officials know after-the-fact that we appreciate their efforts.

This also has huge implications for states like New Jersey, which is considering a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana at the state level. During the debate in the state senate on Monday, Senator Gerald Cardinale condemneed the bill, arguing that it condoned violation of federal law. This new policy removes yet another argument against passing such bills, which are also being considered in Minnesota and Rhode Island.
Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

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