Obama Busted for Marijuana Possession?

January 31, 2009 at 6:16 pm Leave a comment

…George Obama, to be exact. Thanks to Adam for this tip.

President Barack Obama’s half-brother George, who lives in Kenya, was arrested yesterday for marijuana possession.

This is more a matter of amusement, as I doubt little will come of it. George Obama is not exactly close to President Obama, and the fact that he has been arrested in a foreign country for using a substance that our last three presidents have admittted to using is, well, trivial.

More trivial than Bristol Palin’s daughter’s grandmother’s arrest, anyway.

I would be very surprised if Obama’s critics decided to use this to smear our new president, and even more surprised if anybody took it seriously. This would be even easier to brush off than the Ayers ‘scandal’. Not to mention that Obama has already set a precedent for separation between a politician’s family and work life with his response to the news of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy this fall.

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